Mystery of the Hidden

Sometimes i think that we are put in certain places to assist in a problem that is already written in the universe. While taking public transportation a young man and his sister boarded a local city bus. He was about ten years old. Books, pencils homogenized within a cloth bag. He was searching, pant pockets, shirt, jacket to no avail. His sister stood and emptied the contents of his satchel and search quietly. Realizing the dilemma a passenger offered to give a token, while another offered to pay for a pass. It was the village that sprang into action. Taking care of our children.<strongl


We Have Power

Mama Recie from Pocomoke, Maryland In 1963 said our power is in our mouths. When I think about the words spoken over time I realize the unguarded messages that I have expressed, feeling , actions and response, good , bad or indifferent are my responsibility. What has my power did to those who I have come in contact with?

Rock then a place

Today I contemplate leaving a fifteen year domicile to a new journey. Hopefully, I will be able to stand. At my tender age some eons ago, entities such as myself would not venture into
the unknown. A stalker waiting for my departure, to sell, yet the structure is ready to plunge upon the ground. Hopefully, whomever is left here will leave too. It is 4 am and I am thinking about the packing, boxes , labels the organizing . Thoughts of family passed leaves me alone. Their energy soars through my veins. My mind is bombarded with beckoning messages
urging me to be strong between this rock and hard place. Lazy I be, to let my being rest here , day after day, year after year. Sucked into the comfort of this life. Infinity is the universal message. Everything that was or has been will be different. Once again we find ourself in between a rock and a hard place.


Take this Life

It had been a besselian since she first told me. it traveled through my chassis like a serpent , silently sliding through the corridors of my heart. Guilt held me hostage, with haunting memories. I was the one who brought her on this planet. I sentence my first born to die. She was so beautiful when she was born. She was round and brown and my first baby girl. Not thinking, I eased her on this hostile planet through a passageway of no return. It was a slave planet, she was a queen yet never had the chance to rule. She dance through life like fearless, yet at times humble of her family. She was afraid of the power, that sentence her to stop living, traveling, living life, sharing her essence with the family she loves. Just on her forgiveness alone she should be pardoned. I ask for an audience of the most high, presenting my case of trading spaces with her. I pointed out that my not teaching her the things she needed to know to give the proper contribution to this life. That I had lived my life, that I would gladly trade mine for hers. Many entities did not respond…… I guess they are discussing my fate. On the morning she was scheduled to leave the planet , without warning the solution arrived upon my mind.

I the bearer of a female life was summon to her side. She knew my presence . Having put my affairs in order, I was ready to see my life form move on to the next plane of existence. I dressed in the most illustrious garb, gold, emerald and jade. All my worldly wealth, draped about me. No regret, I know that we will see each other again. Once at her side I was the only one with her, I told her that I loved her and apologize for hurting her over time. Tears emerged from eyes that still saw her as that baby everyone adored.
Tears were with her as she believe that this was her last moments. That she would be leaving this planet alone. As I touched her forehead and closed my eyes, there was a stillness, time stopped for one brief second and without hesitance the universe did its work. When my daughter awaken the next sunrise, she could hear the sound of baroque and the feeling of euphoria. Adjacent to her hand, my scarf and a note, I love you with all my heart and soul, take this life and live good.


Today I realize just how much I love books. Paper books, hardcover or soft. I truly respect technology when reading online, but when it comes to reading the Feel of a book just blows my mind.


Just Being

A sky pale without sun light. A gloom to most but a beautiful day to me. The strike was not, the rain is on time, yet full filled in my task that none of that matters. The attitude of a day is still In the air, so non chalant, so subdued, so much, a great day.

I Ignorance

Today I seen ignorance it took over young minds. We tried to tell a small group of human people to get what they can from this world and try hard to be successful. In the mist of all that discussion the jeering was loud and disrespectful. It reminded me of a passage “forgive them they know not what they do”. Ignorance cared less about what we have to say, I like being who I am. Said ignorance.

October Gallery

This is African American Art by the most prolific artist. Reflecting the culture of the community. Here you are able to see the reflections of past present and future. When entering the homes of some collectors the stories of art display on their walls introduce me to them, and what is important to them and how they see our people. Start your home gallery today and tell your story.

Go to: http://www.octobergallery.


The mind can bring you to the deepest experience of life around you. This mantra is journey…..and it is what you mentally experience.

Naiobi Poetry


A meditation on a strut through
A challenging terrain,
Drum beating feet placed so deep,
A quest to move forward,
Breath strong and powerful,
Passing the baobab tree,
Open with out distraction,
Clearly I can see the way,
Keeping the pace toward,
Ethiopia by way of Nigeria,
Through other lands
Of danger
Lions aware of me,
Great elephants blow their horns,
Motivating me,
I am strong and powerful,
Muscles in extremities constrict,
Sweat covers my being like sheets
Of oil glistening all over revealing a
Well put together torso,
I run for my life,
I run like the wind,
Through the Serengeti,
Memories of family go by,
As I hear the word in my mind,
Keep moving……

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