Just Being

A sky pale without sun light. A gloom to most but a beautiful day to me. The strike was not, the rain is on time, yet full filled in my task that none of that matters. The attitude of a day is still In the air, so non chalant, so subdued, so much, a great day.

I Ignorance

Today I seen ignorance it took over young minds. We tried to tell a small group of human people to get what they can from this world and try hard to be successful. In the mist of all that discussion the jeering was loud and disrespectful. It reminded me of a passage “forgive them they know not what they do”. Ignorance cared less about what we have to say, I like being who I am. Said ignorance.


The mind can bring you to the deepest experience of life around you. This mantra is journey…..and it is what you mentally experience.

Naiobi Poetry


A meditation on a strut through
A challenging terrain,
Drum beating feet placed so deep,
A quest to move forward,
Breath strong and powerful,
Passing the baobab tree,
Open with out distraction,
Clearly I can see the way,
Keeping the pace toward,
Ethiopia by way of Nigeria,
Through other lands
Of danger
Lions aware of me,
Great elephants blow their horns,
Motivating me,
I am strong and powerful,
Muscles in extremities constrict,
Sweat covers my being like sheets
Of oil glistening all over revealing a
Well put together torso,
I run for my life,
I run like the wind,
Through the Serengeti,
Memories of family go by,
As I hear the word in my mind,
Keep moving……

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Everyday i awaken and feelings so beautiful surround me….. just empty your mind before bed helps you to have this experience..

Naiobi Poetry

Today I got up with my emotions of miraculous lay upon my life form

I could not believe how amazing I felt this sunrise.

I meditated for a moment on that sensation so pliable and insightful

Of my solar plexus,

I contemplated what could be better than this,

Even if now does not go well for me I want

The great spirit within

To know

I thank you for this gift of amazing sensitivity





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