The mind can bring you to the deepest experience of life around you. This mantra is journey…..and it is what you mentally experience.

Naiobi Poetry


A meditation on a strut through
A challenging terrain,
Drum beating feet placed so deep,
A quest to move forward,
Breath strong and powerful,
Passing the baobab tree,
Open with out distraction,
Clearly I can see the way,
Keeping the pace toward,
Ethiopia by way of Nigeria,
Through other lands
Of danger
Lions aware of me,
Great elephants blow their horns,
Motivating me,
I am strong and powerful,
Muscles in extremities constrict,
Sweat covers my being like sheets
Of oil glistening all over revealing a
Well put together torso,
I run for my life,
I run like the wind,
Through the Serengeti,
Memories of family go by,
As I hear the word in my mind,
Keep moving……

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Everyday i awaken and feelings so beautiful surround me….. just empty your mind before bed helps you to have this experience..

Naiobi Poetry

Today I got up with my emotions of miraculous lay upon my life form

I could not believe how amazing I felt this sunrise.

I meditated for a moment on that sensation so pliable and insightful

Of my solar plexus,

I contemplated what could be better than this,

Even if now does not go well for me I want

The great spirit within

To know

I thank you for this gift of amazing sensitivity





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