A Sign of Greatness

You want for your children to be the best human being that they can be. This is my first grand daughter who exceeded all my expectations and more. When you are focus you can achieve everything. I am proud of her because she did not let any obstacles make her stray from the path. She lost her love and the gift that they created only fuel her resolve to be a RN. As she said “I am a nurse now”  Now she is on her next journey right there in front of all.



In this time of brick and mortar closings and everything emerging online , I try with all my heart to get as much time as I can at my favorite book store. When borders died, I cried, it was my Friday night essence. To browse shelves of how to write, what, when where to write. Magazines on writing and reading. I introduced my two year old great grandson to books, to my favorite bookstore. The store had a kids section. He watch the kids run around read and explore books then at the end we returned home. He gazed up at me with those large brown eyes and said “grand mom I like your bookstore”. My being was full…..we go once a month.



Love & Respect

Today I saw true love of a father and daughter. His ancestry was apparent, it was close to his time, so he was tired. He had assistance of a metal frame and the soft consistance of a daughter. Her faith was drapped about her, features hidden only revealing eyes. She settles him in a seat that she can care for him attentively, wiping his facial features with kindness and love. Speaking soft and respectfully. Worn from travel his eyes said he wanted to submit, yet he had to hold on to his daughter who needed to be protected. The vibration of feeling traveled through to all who lay eyes upon them. I was honored to witness this love.


Reflecting into to the deepest ocean, sitting waiting and contemplating while a higher conciousness enter to advise and guide my beliefs. Here alone I sit, and without warning the doors is open, the answer is clear, it’s the one thing that i know would bring me to this moment, it is the belief in myself, that i am the power and the glory in this life.


Mystery of the Hidden

Naiobi Poetry

Sometimes I think that we are put in certain places to assist in a problem that is already written in the universe. While taking public transportation a young man and his sister boarded a local city bus. He was about ten years old. Books, pencils homogenized within a cloth bag. He was searching, pant pockets, shirt, jacket to no avail. His sister stood and emptied the contents of his satchel and search quietly. Realizing the dilemma a passenger offered to give a token, while another offered to pay for a pass. It was the village that sprang into action. Taking care of our children.


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