The House of Songster

The most beautiful house I had ever experience is the house of Songster. Where Ed and I spent our Christmas. Created on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. Its charm is Japanese.  I notice the atmosphere of a family embraced everything simple about life. Lupia practice the skills given to her by her mother and made her home inviting. Decorative pieces made the atmosphere serene.  Fengshui ever so present to the creative conversation by Cole the young elite and future political analysis.

Seeing her as a mother amazed me, she is the baby girl visiting her father when we first met. For me time stopped when she left.  Lupia made every effort to keep close, to not loose that connection. I understand the purpose of the daughter to stay close to the man who created her. How passionate thoughts travel through their minds. Sometimes synchronization can cause a build up and that both parties have to express what they feel.

Lupia and Ryan having the nurturing trust for their two sons is so apparent. She is a protective parent with a resilient sense of purpose.  Oregon a place so spiritual, Its diversity is so beautiful,  even those who are residence express its love in the motion of life through corridor streets.

A holiday dinner served to a United Nation of People. Rod and Naoko and  their beautiful daughter Nyah where the greatest host, Songster Senior the father in law who created, tiramisu,  deep dish apple, and banana cream pie unknowns to all, my favorite. The youngest grandson Caden who rename himself “Cola” made the chocolate on chocolate cake and is a basketball star, Bravo young man. Although they had never met me they embraced my being.

They had a ritual for the holiday gifts would be exchanged by family members to the children the day before the holiday. Happiness of what they received was so appreciative.  I marveled at the calm beauty of just being with family. Something that’s not practice in my neck of the woods. I went on journey with deep conversation about programming, all the while speaking of how he would not abandon his Friday night essence. I admired his veracity when it came to his creative genius. My take, never let go, it will pay off in the end Ed Jr.

Portland captured my heart and immediately I wanted to live and experience its essence. Writers were everywhere even when they did not admit as much. Its bookstore ravaged by people who love the written word. They perused shelves of books and literally said “read me.”  Four floors calling my name. Even with a map I did not have the chance to delve in every part of its nooks and crannies. Although I did promise Powell I would be back and would give them more time to express its volumes. I experience the traditions of Portland taken through neighborhoods and arrived at Peacock lane. Children take in lights of design, a wonderland of fantasy an agreement of happiness for those little people. Old factories and innovative structures are being restore to glory. A school blueprint for the modern student in mind. Two basketball courts, and plenty of things to climb and swing on. Dinner at a sushi restaurant and found my love, shrimp tempura.

This gift is something I gave myself and Ed my husband who did not know how to act with happiness. Not until we returned he realize its something he needed. Tokiko brought Japan to America and instilled it in her children and grandchildren. She gave me permission to share what she created.  I accepted,  and she answered with a beautiful journey and a peaceful stay. Many blessing my sister wherever you are,,,,,,,,

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